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Welcome to the website Mensonides Art Supply Aruba,
the island’s premier supplier of quality artists’ materials.



Mensonides Art Supply Aruba is a family run business established in 2011.

Through my own experience and in response to feedback from others artists I realized there was a growing need for a better and wider variety of art products.

Starting out with a basic supply of art materials, I soon continued to expand and improve both the product range and my services.


Many years of experience in the creative and art related field, enable me to provide my customers with professional advice about equipment and art materials.

Encouraging emerging talents and supporting established artists to realize their creative talents as well as promoting art initiatives across the island, is always of great importance to me.


I strongly believe that art and creative expression expands one’s growth and freedom. Through my website and Social Media pages I’ll try to keep you informed about upcoming exhibitions, performances, workshops etc. and of course about new products and materials.


Feel free to drop by and check out the variety of materials at the ‘Candy Store’ of art supplies. The shop will be open from Monday through Friday on appointment. I look forward to seeing you, so please contact me in advance to make sure I can personally assist you.


Warm regards,

Edith de Vogel-Mensonides

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